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nIo: new Idol order Reborn!

nio reborn

For months there has been growing speculation on the future of idol metal unit new Idol order .There was great reason for concerns as this past August then member and now former member No.#1 “buried” her two sister members No.#2 and No.#3 in a pit under the cover of darkness…

Idol Exclusive :Free Idol E-Magazine [Thai Edition] Issue 7 Now Out

Issue 7

Pure Idol Heart promotional partner Idol Exclusive has released its 7th Issue of their Thai language version of their E-Magazine and you can download it here. If you blow up the cover photo ,you`ll notice that Pure Idol Heart`s logo makes its first appearance on the cover. It`s the first…

Ange Release First Christmas Drama

Ange Drama

Ange Release First Christmas Drama The Idol group Ange has released the group’s first drama .The drama is called “Christmas of Promise” and features all the members of Ange playing every character in this Christmas spirit drama. 六本木初アイドルAnge初主演ドラマ「クリスマスの約束」 皆さんへのX’mas プレゼント! Angeのクリスマスドラマです。 極寒の中メンバー、スタッフさん、一同 頑張って作った作品です。自分にとっても クリスマスの良い思い出となりました♪ 是非見てください! Link EDIT Sad to Say…

Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche)

Edition #5 October 2014

  Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche) Idol Exclusive in their 5th issue of their magazine conducted an interview with Japanese Idol group パピマシェ (papillon de marche) .As part of our agreement with the Thailand based Magazine Idol Exclusive they have provided Pure Idol Heart with a copy of the…

Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) Join The Army

up up girls army

Recently the Idol group Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) decided to join the Japanese Self Defense Forces in an attempt to get an advantage over other Idol groups in this warring Idol age. Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) learned combat training and many skills they will need to take out…

Breaking Update: Babyraids Changes Name!!!!


Well this one caught me by surprise as I had no idea they were considering a name change. On December 18th Babyraids were performing in the famed Nippon Budokan and during their encore the group announced that they had changed their name to “Babyraids JAPAN.” Babyraids members explained that the…

S/mileage New Name Is?

smileage 3rd gen

Hello!Project Idol group S/mileage has a new name S/mileage new name is ANGERME “ANGERME” was named by S/mileage member Nakanishi Kana, Kana said about the name- “I made up the word by combining ‘ange’, meaning angel in French, and ‘larme’ meaning tear. I have a tender image for angel, and…

Fresh Idols: Devil ANTHEM Evil and Angel Idol Group

devil anthem

Every day the Japanese Idol genre is blessed with the debut of fresh Idol groups. some days I feel like every girl in Japan is in an Idol group. Here is a look at one of those fresh faced Idol groups ready to capture your heart. Devil ANTHEM Devil ANTHEM…

Idol Exclusive E-Magazine Special Cover Dance Idol Japanese Edition.


Our new promotional partners Idol Exclusive have released a special edition of their E-Magazine. The magazine is a “COVER BAND” edition and introduces Thai and other Southeast Asia cover dance Idols in Japanese and some English. If you are not familiar with the term “cover band” allow me to explain….

Idol Exclusive Free E-Magazine Past Editions available for download.

Edition #5 October 2014

As part of our media agreement with Idol Exclusive Idol Exclusive staff have made available all past editions of their Idol E-Magazine for the readers of Pure Idol Heart. You can freely download them at their menu on our web site. All future magazine editions made available to Pure Idol…