Idol Live From the Underground: Death Rabbits and Pla2me

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I am not sure if you’re like me , in that you can only take so much out of article or CD review. For me and this site ,I do my best to find something good in every group that we write about ,however unless you see the group live you miss the full effect of the review.

Regardless of what I write ,for me liking a group or not often comes down to the live show and how the group and crowd work together. Sometimes it is worth more than a 500-1,000 word why you should like this group post.
This is what “Idol Live From the Underground” is all about ,just Indie/up and coming groups performing in some small live house. Sometimes these lives are in basements of buildings or the groups are not yet in the mainstream so the term underground gets attached to them.

Generally in these types of lives ,it could be one group doing a full headline live or it can be up to 90 to 140 groups in one venue or four venues side by side. In these type lives the groups may only have 15-20 minutes then 1 hour to sell their own goods. When that is over they race to another venue repeat the same thing sometimes up to 4 shows from morning to 10pm.

Just how different these groups are to the big name groups will be in a different article to come , for now we present Episode one of “Idol Live From the Underground”


First up is Pla2me [Puranime] , プラニメ

Pla2me is the duo of Saki Kamiya (ex-BiS) and Mari Mizuta (ex-Izukoneko) and they mix electro, rock and Idol pop together. Depending on the venue they will go into the crowd and dance , crowd surf to name a few fun things .
The group likes to wear different costumes each live ranging from their multi-color outfits ,Lolita dresses, to cosplay to simple t-shirts and skirts along with color hair extensions and wigs.
[Includes Crowd Surfing]

In cosplay

20 minute live set


death rabbits white
Our second group today is the adorable just starting their teen years Death Rabbits.
Death Rabbits is a group that mixes ,rock and metal with pop and by doing so they wrongly get compared to BABYMETAL by foreign Idol fans on YouTube . With a common comment being “they are good but no BABYMETAL or they are BABYMETAL copycats or want- to- be”.

Let me be very clear about this ,they have nothing about them that is related to what BABYMETAL is doing, they are not even in the same genre.

You talk to the group and they will tell you they are a Japanese Death Pop Idol group , not an Idol Metal group.

Death Rabbits ,features their producer as a group member and he tends to get scolded often by the girls ,which sets up songs or a sending off solo song.
The group has a great relationship with their fan base ,despite only just starting their teen years [11/12/13 yrs at the ending of summer] .This relationship often feels  like a Visual Kei live ,with the fans doing the hand movements with the girls and not your traditional wota chants


See you next time from the underground