Fresh Idols: photograph


It`s such great pleasure to present a new just debuting Idol group on our web site for J-Pop Idol fans around the world to discover.
Today we have photograph
photograph is a brand new Idol group that started in October 2014 under the watchful eyes of the Fukuoka Idol Project K-NEXT.
The group wishes to burn themselves into the eyes, ears and minds of fans with their performances.
On December 16, 2014 the group will release their debut single “Sky Blue Everyday” across Japan.
photograph (フォトグラフ)

The members of photograph are

木寺琴音 Kotone Kidera

photograph Kotone Kidera
水沢心菜 Kokona Mizusawa

photograph Kokona Mizusawa
藤井ゆゆ Yuyu Fujii

photograph Yuyu Fujii
廣野実咲 Misaki Hirono

photograph Misaki Hirono
片岡柚華 Yuzuka Kataoka

photograph Yuzuka Kataoka

Debut Single MV