Ange –Next Stage


Idol group Ange returns to our web site with a new music video.
The song is titled “Next Stage” and tells the story of Ange member Miyu as a school girl dreaming of becoming an Idol in the group Ange at first against her mother`s wishes.

Miyu-chan not giving up on her dream is discovered by her classmates all played by members of Ange looking at a flyer for the group Ange.

Miyu-chan`s classmates takes on the task to give her an Idol makeover and encouragement to audition for the group.
With her image set Miyu-chan sets off for her dream and auditions behind her mom`s back. Uncertain of the results she comes face to face one day with her Mom who presents her with letter welcoming Miyu-chan into Ange and another Idol is born.

With two music videos out, it`s pretty clear a central selling point for Ange in management`s eyes is Miyu-chan and that`s not a bad idea as she has all the qualities one looks for in an Idol.

On a personal note as someone who is putting together a new Indie Idol group, my only regret is that I was not able to discover Miyu-chan first. What will be our group`s loss is Ange`s treasure as she is someone with Idol looks and a voice that you can build a group around.

I wonder if we can somehow trade for Miyu-chan. Is trades allowed in Idol genre like in Baseball, lol.

Given the start that Ange has had in such a short time, I look for nothing but great things to come from Miyu-chan and the members of Ange.

miyu of angeMiyu-Chan image shoot from their first MV

Next Stage

First MV


Next Stage serves as the opening theme to Ange`s TV show which airs every Tuesday night on TOKYO MX S2

You can find all current episodes of their TV show here. The group uploads each episode a few hours after broadcast. The show features a number of activities such as battle games against visiting Idol groups.


Sad to Say Ange has already broken up spring 2015