Aither: Calls it a Day, Disbanding


If you followed our past coverage on the situation involving the public battle between now former member Yuuka and Aither management and all the blow back the group suffered for it, then it comes as no surprise that when we mentioned back in October it was unlikely that Aither would last much longer and now they are disbanding.

To recap October former Party Rockets member and then at the time Aither`s most popular member Konno Yuuka suddenly went public with claims of poor treatment by Aither management ,including her not being paid for 10 months. Yuuka also announced that she was quitting the group immediately due to her claims.

Almost as quickly the remaining members took to their blogs to comment, only to see management remove the posts .Hours later Aither`s management did what only could be called an attack post on Yuuka. Yuuka for her part had opened a new twitter and 1,000 Aither fans defected to her side immediately. Yuuka took to her twitter to defend herself from Aither`s management attacks on her.

Within hours more fans had defected to Yuuka-chan`s side, the group lost their radio show and their main support for broadcasting their live stages also defected to Yuuka-chan`s side.

Aither`s management tried to regroup after the events, looking to carry on and finding a new film team to cover their live events. But it was clear that support was quickly leaving Aither.

There were also the issues of what was really happening inside the group between Airi who was also an original member of Party Rockets with Yuuka-chan and Misaki. There were almost no photos of Airi and Misaki published together after Yuuka left. For the group it`s self Airi took over nearly all the vocals after Yuuka left.

On November 27 Misaki took to Aither`s blog to announce that on December 29 Aither would end activities.
It truly is a sad situation that a group with so much potential is going to end. Those of us that have been very close to this group on an active level are not really surprised that they disbanded or even fell apart. Let’s all just hope that we will see these ladies in a much better situation down the road.

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