Special Gift to Yuuri of Resistance

Yuuri angel

Today Oct 4, is Yuuri of the Idol group Resistance 17th birthday and we wanted to repay her kindness to everyone at Pureidolheart.net by doing something special for her.
We have created a section on our Facebook page to like a photo and wish her Happy Birthday. We have asked that the photo be retweet on twitter and we are writing to her here.



Sometimes it`s hard to say in short tweets ,or a passing conversation just how much you as an Idol touch others hearts ,both here in Japan and around the world.
Every time you perform, you always show your wonderful smile, never letting anyone down, when you may not feel your best that day.
As an Idol you always give and give with so little asked in return by others. Simply be true to you and show support to you as you face the daily difficulties of being an Idol ,is all an Idol ever asks of fans.

It is only when on Idol graduation day, do we ever stop and say thank you for everything you have done.

Why should Idols have to wait to hear those words, do they only have meaning at that time?

Yuuri, while your career and group are still new and your journey far from complete, your kindness and smile allow you to standout like a bright shining star.

You have become a friend and fan favorite to everyone associated with http://pureidolheart.net/ and on behalf of the owners, writers and readers of http://pureidolheart.net/ we would like to tell you thank you for the joy you give everyone as an Idol ,for everything that you do each day as an Idol and on this special day we would like to warmly wish you happy birthday and to let know you will always have our support.

Happy Birthday Yuuri from everyone associated with http://pureidolheart.net/

yuuri birhday cardhttps://twitter.com/resista_yuuri