Morning Musume ’14 : When Riho Sayashi and English Meet


There are times when an article needs 100s of words to tell the story ,then there are times when the video does the talking for you.

This is one such time ,were the video tells a much better story then I can write. On October 5th legendary Idol group  Morning Musume ’14 held a concert in the legendary American city known as New York City. A crowd of 2,000 cheered on the group from start to finish.

While that is not really the story here ,because International artists routinely play in New York City .No it was the group`s introduction talk ,that is the story. The darlings of Japan leaving the safety of our homeland ,brought out their best English for an ultimate cuteness moment .

While there were many moments , it was watching Riho Sayashi`s MC that sparked this article today.

When it came time for her greeting she confidently stepped up like the young star she is and suddenly discovered that she had a hot microphone and was about to start broadcasting. No matter her star like qualities ,Sayashi like the rest of the group faced a new challenge and found a way to have fun with the moment.

While some may argue that the company should have invested more time to train them in languages like KPop companies .If such a thing had took place then the group and those attending would not have had this special moment of “When Riho Sayashi and English Meet” or 2,000 fans to cheer her and the other members to do their best.

In the end this is the true spirit of being fans or wotas ,cheering on your favorite Idol to do her best.
As Riho said in her introduction “You can do it” and they did just that on October 5th ,2014


We have been able to track down the fan who yelled “You can do it” .Here is the exclusive video of the moment the fan yelled to Riho