Morning Musume ’14 the 12th Gen Effect

new photo 12th gen
Anytime any group debuts , adds new members it brings with it an excitement in the air ,just taking a quick glance into the fan base of Morning Musume ’14 and the reactions or impact the new members have had is already showing.
If you compare the girls to a new car, they are clearly in the driving the car home with that new car smell sill around phase of their Idol career. So let`s take a look at what kind of impact the 12th generation members of Morning Musume ’14 have had on the fan base after having one night sleep as card carrying members of Morning Musume ’14

On Twitter
12th Gen on Twitter a look at the numbers
The 12th gen group shot photo has been retweet 7,300 times and favorite 6,900 times

new photo 12th gen
Maria`s official photo has been retweet 2,700 times and favorite 3,300 times

Maria`s official
Haruna 2.0 [as in the 2nd Haruna in the group] official photo has been retweet 1,700 times and favorite 2,300 times

haruna official
Akane official photo has been retweet 1,700 times and favorite 2,400 times

Akane official
Miki official photo has been retweet 1,300 times and favorite 1,900 times

Miki official

Fan Sites
On one fan site Miki`s member page has 9 pages of comments already, Maria`s and Akane are 10 pages each, Haruna is 8 pages after opening after the announcement.

Investment Idea hits one fan
Akane`s trainee t-shirt for sale to fans, has  place  on auction for 200,000yen (~$2000 USD).

The 2ch Wota Effect

If you read the site 2ch here is some wota comments to the 12th gen group shot photo
“All of them are cute, it’s a miracle!!”
“It should be at this high level every time.”
“Finally, Morning Musume has a chance of reconstructing itself.”
“Reminds me of the original S/Mileage. These four could have debut on their own as a group.”
“These girls are beauty pageant level.”
“This is the first time Up-Front has focused so much on looks. This suggests the group is really in trouble.”

The Idol Effect

Akane`s goal after she entered the training school was to join Morning Musume within 1-2 years of entering the Hello!Project Training program

She made it into Morning Musume in 1year and 8 days.

This is just a small taste of the effect these four young Idols have had on the fan base in the hours since joining.


First Look at Morning Musume`14 12th Gen Members