Kimi to Boku Fairy Tale Horror Romance Idols

Kimi to Boku 2

It`s not often that an Idol group catches my attention just on visuals alone, then there has not been an Idol group that is just that special.
Kimi to Boku is described as a misaki (御先) melancholic fairy tale horror romance Idol group and they made their debut in Shinjuku, Tokyo on September 27th 2014.

If you are unfamiliar with the term misaki (御先), allow me a few lines to explain. misaki (御先) in Japanese folklore is a term that means spirit-like existence and is a catch phrase word for divine spirits. gods, demons and spirits would all fall under this term. In the folklore they are subordinates to higher-ranking spirits that serve as omens in the human world.
The second description that the members give about the group is that they are a fairy tale horror romance Idols that are sometimes melancholic.

Let’s take a look at the visual presentation of the members.

First is the group shows in both masked and unmasked versions.

Kimi to Boku 2Kimi to Boku

Promotions by handing out flyers

promotional work

Now for the members

Kimi to Boku ,Sometimes Melancholic members are


NanaNana 2


RyonRyon 2






MochaMocha 2

Misaki [Minmin]

MinminMinmin 2