Is The End Near For The Idol Group Aither?



There is never a good time to speculate on a group`s future as anything can happen, however some telling signs of Yuuka`s popularity and her importance to the groups survival are starting to show up after the very public falling out with Yuuka and the group`s management.

Yuuka for her part enjoyed the benefits of being one of the original lead vocalists for Party Rockets and with that a loyal fan base that supported her every move. These fans also made up a large portion of the Aither fan base.
They have remained 100% loyal to Yuuka throughout this situation. Idol groups can regroup from turnover and turmoil it has happened more than once to Morning Musume.

The difference here with Aither is the general feeling in the air for a group that was still developing and one member held in her hands the bulk of the fan support.
Another more telling sign of Yuuka`s influence is that Aither enjoyed support of having their concerts filmed by pro Yuuka supporters ,who provided the group an avenue to showcase the group on YouTube. The management company should have been doing this anyway ,but took advantage of the help offered to them.
Well that support left them on the 15th when it was announced that due to Yuuka leaving they would no longer film Aither events.

Another telling sign is that Aither’s album that was to be released next year will not be released.
Most feel now that the remaining members are simply filling out the already scheduled bookings and by the end of the year Aither will be done.
Yuuka for her part is moving forward and looking for the right situation to resume her career in.

There is all the possibilities that Aither in the months to come can find someone fresh that can capture the hearts of fans the way Yuuka did and rebound. Sadly with groups at this level once the drawing force of a group is gone ,so will be the group. There are 100s of Idol group’s active now pulling unhappy fans from other groups ,it doesn’t take much for fans at the underground level to hitch their fan wagon to another group. Hopefully these growing signs are not the start of another Idol group dying a slow death.

There is one thing that troubles me in all of this ,if what Yuuka claims is true and that she went unpaid for 10 months ,why did the other members not support her? When the Idol group RED-POINT had issues with their management ,the girls decided together at one of their lives to leave the company together at the end of the concert,they continued on with a new name two months later and signed with another company.
So many questions that the answers will never be made public

Yuuka`s last lives with Aither



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They lost their radio show ,just after we posted this article.

UPDATE NOV 30 ,2014

Aither: Calls it a Day, Disbanding