Happening Girls: Dating and Marriage Encouraged Idol Group

Happening Girls
For a month that is only a few days old a lot has taken place in the world of Japanese Idol music. So before we get to today`s bit of strange news ,here is a recap of the first 5 days of October and the last days of September.
We have had two major Idol groups add new members ,we have had a new Idol group that theme is Polygamy get a major debut record contract .There was the debut of an Idol group whose members have a combined 127 million yen in debts to pay off to creditors. One group whose members are cursed Lolita Dolls. Yesterday was a 12 hr. Indie Idol live broadcast , I have discovered five new underground Idol groups that I can`t decide which group that I love the most and there was an Idol live at an abandon hospital. This is just a small sample of what took place just in Tokyo , not to mention the other major cities across Japan.
So now on today`s new oddity of the genre
Happening Girls

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Happening Girls is an Idol group created by a subsidiary company of Kandou TV. This company specializes in weddings. Happening Girls currently feature members aged 20-26 and are currently looking for more girls in the first year of High School to 30 years of age living in the Tokyo area.
Happening Girls has several main points
1. There are four core members Manaka (20), Saaya (22), Kaori (26), and Eri (25)
2.They are supported by rotational High School members who may or may not be eligible to date or marry ,but must be ok with wearing only Bikini`s at all events.
3.They perform only in Bikini`s 12 months of the year
4.They are encouraged to date and marry their fans
Yes you read #4 correctly “They are encouraged to date and marry their fans”. Now before you start packing your bags to fly to Japan ,and figuring out your best come on lines ,there is a tiny catch that you need to know.
While the girls are free to date and do whatever they want ,there is a small little bit of wording in their contract that you need agree with. If the Idols get romantically involved with anyone ,it will be filmed by Kandou TV for an Idol reality TV show.

In fact Kandou TV exact words on this is as follows
While fans are free to meet with idols during their private hours, the group’s producers at Kandou TV encourage fans to first take part in meeting the idols through the marriage interviews which will occur after live events. Kandou TV also reserves the right to produce, record, and televise any part of the relationship from the first meeting, all the way up to the wedding itself.

A creative new Idol group idea? a way to marry off single girls in bikini`s to hardcore Idol fans whose fantasy is to date an Idol? Maybe it`s a bit of both ,however you feel about this Idol bachelorette has arrived to the genre for better or worse.

While we are on the subject of Idol dating ,will this one day replace the traditional way of dating an Idol?
You remember that way don`t you , the time honored tradition of exchanging of contact information secretly ,Idol gets caught by tabloids ,thrown out of the group and said wota either continues to date fallen Idol or is left with the memories of shattering an Idols dream.

So if you’re considering flying to Tokyo and tossing your hat into ring for a chance at a member of Happening Girls ,I`d like to leave you with some things to think about.
1. Do you really want to get something for free? Is it not more thrilling to have to work in the shadows for a date with an Idol?

2. Idols have always been viewed as our little sisters we cheer on to reach their dreams ,so remember that when your drooling saliva down the outside of your mouth while looking at the latest bikini shots of Alice Project member Jun Amaki.

Ok ,I`ll agree with  what you’re thinking there is a thin line between point one and two.

While there are pros and cons and even an darkside to this genre at least Happening Girls is giving Idol fans with the dreams of an Idol girlfriend the chance to not shatter the dreams of an Idol by landing on the front of a tabloid.

Your Idol bachelorettes

Manaka (20), Saaya (22), Kaori (26), and Eri (25)

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