Are you allowed to fall in love with an Idol, lol?

ange moe 2Are you allowed to fall in love with an Idol, lol?
Well before you answer yes or no, let me paint the moment for you.
What if you told an Idol one day that she is as cute as a princess? The Idol said in response “Wow! I`ve never been called a princess before!” So the next time you have a chance to talk the idol, you say to the Idol, “Hello, princess” and the Idol responds with “good evening prince”.

Does that not promote her to a new level of Idol greatness!

Now you may be saying to yourself, that`s a great fantasy story that will never happened. What if I told you that it did happen to me, yesterday and today and the Idol`s name is Moe of the group Ange.
Moe and the group Ange in the coming hours will have a full article on our site, complete with their TV show and more.
Until that moment comes, here is a look at the Idol that I called princess and the Idol that said good evening prince in return.
It`s just one of the great moments that makes this genre so great to be a part of.

Moe of Ange

ange moe 2

ange moe

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