Aither`s Yuuka Konno Takes to Twitter Over Management Mistrust And Salary Issues

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What a wild past few hours it has been in the world of Japanese Idol genre, in the world of the group Aither and that of its former leader Yuuka Konno.
Traditionally when an Idol leaves a group there is either kind well wishes from both parties or the Idol is shamed out by a dating scandal. If only this was the reason for writing this today.

This situation developed in a strange way and only escalated over the hours that followed. Yuuka announced just before the start of the morning school day that she was immediately quitting the group.

This resulted in a series of blog posts being written including one by Aither member Misaki not only voicing her surprise to this and that Airi had called her before school to tell her. Misaki went on to say that she did not know how to give an explanation to their fan base.

These blog posts were all quickly removed, but not before dedicated fans screen captured them and posted them on the 2ch forum.

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These posts were replaced by an agency statement that was just as odd and cryptic as the deleted posts before it. The general feeling at this point was that maybe the members got ahead of the story and staff was simply trying to regain control.

Actually this was the calm before the storm ,hours after these posts were deleted ,reposted ,deleted ,reposted around three times ,Aither`s management released a new blog statement saying that Yuuka had been immediately suspended from Aither over issues regarding their level of trust in Yuuka and that the remaining members would press forward as Aither.

Almost as quickly as that post was written, Yuuka who hours earlier had started a new twitter account with almost 1,000 followers unleased a firestorm like no Idol has done before.

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Instead of the normal, i am sorry that I fell short in my duties as an Idol, type goodbye .Yuuka unleased for the lack of better terms “full scale war” and proceeded to tweet three very long and angry tweets targeting the management of Aither.

Among a long list of issues Yuuka said that she has worked the last ten months without salary, that her parents have been funding her daily ability to be an Idol. The use of unsafe travel that she feared for her safety ,being forced to work until 2am ,a police issue .Having to work with dizziness  high fever and stress. She attacked their claims of lack of trust in her, by saying that she had long lost trust in the management of Aither.

That she dearly wanted to stay in Aither but quit because she had lost total trust in their group`s management and that the staff knew of her desire to leave some time ago and their comments about her have only made the Idol mad and determined to tell the truth .

These tweets have been retweet by her followers close to or over 600 times in the last 17 hours and she has been flooded by support comments from Idols in other groups ,fans and personal tweet comments of support from the staff of this website.

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Yuuka has since gave words of thanks for the outpouring of support she has received.
With these claims by Yuuka who everyone regards as one of the sweetest, truest Idols in the industry many questions have surfaced. In the past few months two other members have left, claiming school as the reason. Was that simply a cover? With Yuuka saying she has not been paid in ten months does this mean that Misaki and Airi who have yet to openly stand by Yuuka`s charges were being paid for the past ten months?

There are also public observations that members of this site staff and others in general have seen at public events in regards to Aither ,that have brought even more questions to those individuals at the events.

Unless Aither`s management decides to respond to Yuuka`s charges, then it`s likely that Yuuka`s one person tiny Idol army has placed her anger on hold and wants this to pass. Because of that we may never know Misaki and Airi`s feelings or anymore answers.
Aither had all the potential to be a major force in this genre, thanks largely to Yuuka`s past as co-lead singer for the Idol group Party Rockets ,now they face an unknown future without their biggest member.

This may not be the final chapter in Yuuka`s career, she is friends with many Idols including members of the group LINKS which she has done work with under the group name Shamrock.

I truly hope that Yuuka regroups from this as she has great ability to be a strong Idol in this industry.

Pure Idol Heart writer Serenyty, who recently interviewed the group, for a yet unprinted article will also have some opinions on this story in the coming hours, please look forward to that post as well.

Yuuka`s new twitter

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Aither`s Blog

Information used for this article was collected from deleted and current posts and tweets that have taken place over the last 17+ hours, so please follow these Idol sites to support Yuuka and Aither.


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