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Ange: Spread Their Wings And Fly


Ange: Spread Their Wings And Fly Recently I had the pleasure of discovering a new Idol group that maybe one of the fastest rising groups out today. The group name is Ange and they are based in Roppongi, Tokyo .They became active in March of 2014 after a small audition,…

Are you allowed to fall in love with an Idol, lol?

ange moe

Are you allowed to fall in love with an Idol, lol? Well before you answer yes or no, let me paint the moment for you. What if you told an Idol one day that she is as cute as a princess? The Idol said in response “Wow! I`ve never been…

140 Idol Groups Join for Largest Indie Idol Festival to Date

Idol Koshien Festival

Question-What do you get when 140 Indie/Underground/Independent Major [well-funded Indies] groups and soloists meet up in one location? Answer- A lot of wotas going home with no money and a lot of goods, for the Idols you have the largest Idol festival in the history of the genre to date….

Is The End Near For The Idol Group Aither?


  There is never a good time to speculate on a group`s future as anything can happen, however some telling signs of Yuuka`s popularity and her importance to the groups survival are starting to show up after the very public falling out with Yuuka and the group`s management. Yuuka for…

Chamemmusume ☆ WITCHES: Spell Casting Idol Witches

Chamemmusume ☆ WITCHES

This is a special a promise made to one of the members and is written in a way to help the members understand the article. To Miki and Chamemmusume ☆ WITCHES Chamemmusume ☆ WITCHES is a new Idol group that made their stage debut a month ago About Chamemmusume ☆…

Aither`s Yuuka Konno Takes to Twitter Over Management Mistrust And Salary Issues

aither yuuka

What a wild past few hours it has been in the world of Japanese Idol genre, in the world of the group Aither and that of its former leader Yuuka Konno. Traditionally when an Idol leaves a group there is either kind well wishes from both parties or the Idol…

Flare-La-Mode Ace: Idols at Odds With Street Performance Law


Well I can honestly say that this is a first for our web site. We have had dating scandals ,Idol company suing its own group ,Idol company wanting to marry off its members and much more oddity. Now we have Flare-La-Mode Ace to my knowledge the only Idol group to…

Kimi to Boku Fairy Tale Horror Romance Idols

Kimi to Boku 2

It`s not often that an Idol group catches my attention just on visuals alone, then there has not been an Idol group that is just that special. Kimi to Boku is described as a misaki (御先) melancholic fairy tale horror romance Idol group and they made their debut in Shinjuku,…

Morning Musume ’14 : When Riho Sayashi and English Meet


There are times when an article needs 100s of words to tell the story ,then there are times when the video does the talking for you. This is one such time ,were the video tells a much better story then I can write. On October 5th legendary Idol group  Morning…

Introducing Idol Metal Group :HALOPERI DOLL


  What do you get when you have three Idols that have a case of “Chuunibyou (中二病)” or  the “”Middle-school 2nd Year Syndrome meaning  to be unique, or more than meets the eye? Answer –HALOPERI DOLL A three member school uniform, bloody and bandaged up Idol group that performs Idol…