Saying Goodbye To An Idol: Tsukimiya Karen Who Passed Away

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Yesterday ,I found myself in a position that I hoped that I would never be in again and that was dealing with a favorite Idol of mine passing away.
The first time was Okada Yukiko who in 1986 at 18 years of age and on top of the Idol world became sad and in the middle of the day ,jumped from her agency`s building. Several fans in their pain also joined Okada and the media ripped apart Okada`s life looking for answers. There really wasn`t the thoughts at that time to say goodbye ,I simply moved forward as life was moving so fast for me at the time. I guess in a way for me becoming a parent helped slow things down for me and put life in its proper balance. If I had to do it again ,there are things that I would have like to have written when Okada Yukiko passed away.

Yesterday it was announced that Steamgirls and Kamen Joshi member Tsukimiya Karen had passed away. She was an Idol that had become a favorite of mine. I wrote about the announcement here.

Karen suffered from anxiety and depression and as Karen suffered from the same health problems that a young member of my family just started suffering ,it has given me a lot to think about and in some ways worry about.

Karen`s Dad said that he waited to announce his daughter`s death ,until he reached the point of accepting and healing.

As supporters of Idol genre there are times when we have to accept things we can`t change ,be it a graduation or accepting the loss of an Idol.

I thought about what would be the best way to say goodbye to Karen as a fan and as the main voice of this web site.
There is no one way to say goodbye to someone and for myself ,I did what I felt was best. A few hours ago I wrote a short letter in Japanese and mailed it to the address Karen`s agency provided.
I wanted her Dad ,her management, and the members of her group to know that Karen touched people beyond just here in Japan. I wanted her Dad to know that there are web sites and Facebooks communities that wrote about his daughter and her group and that Karen touched the hearts of people in many countries that read these sites or watched her videos on You Tube and that Karen will forever be remembered and missed by people that became fans of Karen because of that media outlet. To let them know that Karen had a big impact ,even if she played a small part in a much bigger music genre.

I felt that was the best way I could say goodbye as I am a musician and not someone that can draw a cute anime picture of Karen, so I choose words over something cute.
Thank you Tsukimiya Karen for the joy that you gave to myself and others for the short time that you were an Idol. Goodbye.

If you would like to send a note yourself this is the mail they set up. If your good at art or just want to know Karen`s Idol color was pink.

Karen Forever The Idol You Will Be