No. 1 Leaves new Idol order After “Laying” to Rest No.2 and No.3

nio1chan                                               No.1

Never let it be said that the Idol metal group new Idol order is anything short on creativity.
From their birth the group has used short films to tell their back story, starting with the three member’s journey into madness.

After gaining a bit of a foothold in the Indie Idol Underground nIo has taken a turn and the next chapter is about to be told.

On August 19th members of nIo`s regular Idol unit Thumb Princess found the three nIo members on the floor with bags over their heads. In an odd twist only nIo member No.1 wakes up and her and the Idols of  Thumb Princess take nIo members No.2 and No.3 bodies to the woods were the Idols “buried” them.

It had all the style of a B grade horror film that tries to get you to believe that what the actors are filming is real.


As this has always been the style of new Idol order`s short films, it really set the mood for what followed next.

On September 1st it was announced that No.1 was leaving the group and that No.2 and No.3 would rise again and continue on.

While there has not been any released video of No.2 and No.3 “Rising Up” on September 6th their “spirits” were captured on film and released on twitter with the words “The bad children”.

nio reborn 1nio reborn 2

So where does new Idol order go from here? With No.1 no longer controlling No.2 and No.3 will they now be free spirits set to take this group to deeper levels of anarchy?

All these are questions that I am waiting to see answered in what has been one of the most interesting Indie Idol Underground Idol metal groups to debut.

More details as No.2 and No.3 spirits continue to awaken on their next chapter.

Until the next chapter awakens here is No.1 ,No.2,No.3




The Two Faces of Punitan, Idol Group new Idol order`s Dark Angel