JPop Idol Group Punishment for Dating 8 Million Yen Lawsuit

aoyama saint hacha mecha

The no dating rule has surfaced again, you know that rule, the rule that`s been in place since the genre started. So what has the no dating rule brought us today?

Enter Aoyama☆St. Hacha Mecha High School (St. Crazy Wild High School)

One of the most entertaining Idol groups around finds themselves locked in a possible genre changing scandal.


The group`s agency has announced the  departure Miho Yuki (19) and Sena Miura (22) who had gone on dates with a fan of each member. Normally the story ends at this point and never again will the girls names be mentioned, however their company MovingFactory felt that was not enough and needed to shame the x-Idols more by releasing an statement of an 8.2 million yen [$ 77,000] lawsuit stating that the Idols betrayed the members of the group, their company and all their fans and the company cannot forgive this.” They also released the names of the fans as accomplices in the rule violation.

The lawsuit seeks the payment from the Idols, the Idols parents who signed the Idols contract and the boyfriends for “not making sure that the Idols held up their end of the contract.” It makes no mention of the faults of management, in this episode.
The two men involved took to social media after this took place, with one making a public apology on YouTube, while the other took to blogging and questioning, just what crime did he or the Idol make for simply doing what every man and women on this planet will do at some point go on a date and just maybe fall in love.

This is not the only group were no dating lawsuits are flying NZero also filed a lawsuit against a member and fan for dating.
Japanese Idol genre walks a very fine line of a created fantasy of Idol purity and 100% devotion and loyalty of Idol to fan and this lawsuit is making the genre take more black eyes, when compared to Idol genre in other Asian countries that have no such no dating contracts or public dating allowed after a certain amount of time under contract.

One look at Japanese Idol fan forums, with fans comments using words such as “agencies have become whorehouses, Idols now = slaves, when did Idols become property, this is a human rights violation. Did Idol agencies become gangster organizations trying to break Idols and fans with unreasonable punishments?” and many more we can`t print without heavy editing.
The tide is turning on a decades old Idol genre rule and the bonds between Idol and fans are growing deeper as fans come out to defend their Idols ,their fan tribes and the hardcore fan mistrust of Idol companies is now more out in the open.