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It`s not often I find myself excited for a major Idol group ,however I have a strong history with this group ,following them since the first generation`s debut .The years of watching their hour long TV show ,experiencing the highs and lows this group has faced.

They have through it all outlasted every other Idol group. While there are new flavors of the month in the genre, there is something about the legacy of this group that has been unmatched by any other group.
While my heart is now firmly in the world of Independent/Underground Idols ,I keep one eye on this group ,a group that has fought for everything they have , been pronounced dead more than once by media only to fight back.

Tonight a new page in their long history took place with the naming of the 12th generation of audition members winners accepted into the group. They will join the core members that shortly will make up a group that will have no members remaining from their glory years, with the upcoming graduation of Sayumi Michishige.
It is unknown how this next chapter in the group`s history will play out when the 12th gen members and the remaining members of Morning Musume join together as Morning Musume ’15.

With the new members set to debut at the new year’s lives ,here is a look at the members joining this special elite unit that has seen a total of 34+4 new girls in its 17 year history earn the right to be members.

Your 12th Gen Members of Morning Musume
Haruna Ogata  15 Osaka

Ogata Haruna 12th gen memberOgata Haruna 12th gen member 2Blood Type: A-type
Height: 157cm
Hobby: Video Editing
Special Skill: Figure Skating

Haruna is a figure skater turned Idol ,her specialty is 2 and a half rotating double axle
Miki Nonaka  14 Shizuoka

Nonaka Miki 12th gen member Nonaka Miki 12th gen member 2Blood Type: A-type
Height: 157cm
Hobby: Collecting kawaii things
Special Skill: Conversational English, copying by ear
Akane Haga [羽賀朱音]12 Nagano (Kenshuusei) Hello!Project Training School

Haga Akane-12th gen member

akaneakane 2 akane 3

Akane was in both the 11th and first 12th Generation Auditions for Morning Musume .She reached the finals of the first 12th gen auditions. She joined the training program September of 2013 .Her trainee nickname is Akanechin (あかねちん)

Birth place: Nagano
Blood Type: O-type
Height: 153cm
Hobby: Singing things, Watching YouTube videos
Favorite song: Be Alive


Maria Makino  13 Aichi (Kenshuusei) Hello!Project Training School

makino_maria 12th gen member

Makino Maria 12th genmaria 2 maria 3

She made it to the finals of the 11th Gen Auditions for Morning Musume

Nicknames: Maria (まりあ), Makki (マッキー)

Birth place: Aichi
Blood Type: A-type
Height: 159cm
Hobby: Watching professional baseball ,her favorite team is the Nippon Ham Fighters
Skill: Ballet, piano, penmanship, doing the duck mouth face, painting things


Tsunku has given the new members nicknames
Nonaka Miki -> Mikitty
Haga Akane -> Haga
Makino Maria -> Makkii
Ogata Haruna -> Daisaku
The wotas of 2ch have vetoed those nicknames and announced their own
Nonaka Miki-> “Nakamii”
Haga Akane -> “Akane-chin”
Makino Maria -> “Maria-sama”
Ogata Haruna -> “O-haru”

Audio 12th gen Members Announcement [From Hello!Online Fan site ,by reader tip]

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12th Gen Interviewed

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