2&: Tiny Idol Big Idol Rock

2&: Tiny Idol Big Idol Rock

saki 2& #2

2& is a one tiny idol hard charging Idol rock machine that  stands for “Saki+YOU=2&”.

saki 2& #3

2& got its start as a duo, that would release funny photos from their goods table pretending that they had no fans at all and other random mischief.

However when Saki and Saya came together as 2& [then called Double And] they were two Idols full of hard charging songs. After Saya left the group Saki carried on as 2& and modified the name to pay tribute to the fans that stayed true to her.

Not letting Saya`s leaving get her down, Saki has continued on as one of the hardest working underground Idols with live show after live show and she has always remained true to what she and Saya were first about. .

Saki`s live set is a jet coaster type set running through many styles and moods and climaxing with an powerful ending number.

Saki is well worth seeing live .

saki 2& #4




The great thing about her lives is each one is different ,keeping every show fresh and special.

Saki in all of her tiny greatness can be followed here

Saki 2&saki 2& #5


Saki recently joined another group of Idols that will be attempting to take the Idol underground by force in September.

Coming to an live house soon




Special tribute to the original 2& Saki and Saya