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First Look at Morning Musume`14 12th Gen Members

new photo 12th gen

It`s not often I find myself excited for a major Idol group ,however I have a strong history with this group ,following them since the first generation`s debut .The years of watching their hour long TV show ,experiencing the highs and lows this group has faced. They have through it…

Breaking Morning Musume’14 12th Gen Members Are

MM 14 Audition

Breaking Morning Musume’14 12th Gen Members Are This is a short announcement more details to come. Just announced at the concert Here you go your 12th Gen Members of Morning Musume’14 Ogata Haruna 15 Osaka Nonaka Miki 14 Shizuoka Haga Akane 12 Nagano (Kenshuusei) Hello!Project Training School Makino Maria 13…

National Media Predictions on Morning Musume。’14 12th Gen Members.

MM 14 Audition

Yahoo, Japan, One of the national media outlets has made predictions on who will be announced on the 30th as the 12th Generation members for Morning Musume。’14 .So I thought it may be interesting to see who the media feels is the best fit as new members for Morning Musume。’14….

PINKFOX: Shining With All Heart and Strength


This is a special a promise made to one of the members and is written in a way to help the members understand the article. About PINKFOX PINKFOX is a regional Idol group formed for the purpose to support Miyoshi City. In addition to regular Idol activities the group helps…

METROPOLIS: Idols Of The True Earth


Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined what Idols will look and sound like in the future? What would their visual style look like? What would their music sound like? What if in the future we will find Idols that are much different to what we have known before?…

The Two Faces of Punitan, Idol Metal Group new Idol order`s Dark Angel

punitan 2 faces

  You`ve seen us talk about this adorable Idol in her role as the dark angel of the Idol Metal unit new Idol order. As her character no#2 she plays the role of dark angel perfectly. However like all Idols that split time between two Idol groups no#2 Miyakoshi Manami…

FRUITPOCHETTE-Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power


Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol flags of war and claiming that this genre is more than just about BABYMETAL. Of the Idol Metal next wave groups that are currently active, the one most ready to join…

JPop Idol Group Punishment for Dating 8 Million Yen Lawsuit

aoyama saint hacha mecha

The no dating rule has surfaced again, you know that rule, the rule that`s been in place since the genre started. So what has the no dating rule brought us today? Enter Aoyama☆St. Hacha Mecha High School (St. Crazy Wild High School) One of the most entertaining Idol groups around…

Three Idol Groups That You Need Know

video spotlight

One of the great things about this current Idol boom is that there is a wide range of Idol groups. While some may rightfully argue that this surge in Idol genre is much like the hair metal days of the 1980s which ended up in the oversaturation of the metal…

No. 1 Leaves new Idol order After “Laying” to Rest No.2 and No.3

nio group

                                               No.1 Never let it be said that the Idol metal group new Idol order is anything short on creativity. From their birth the group has used short films to tell their back story, starting with the three member’s journey into madness. After gaining a bit of a foothold in…