Let S/mileage Fix Your Problems: Group Becomes Fan Councilors

Let S/mileage Fix Your Problems: Group Becomes Fan Councilors


Well this is a new way to do group promotions as S/mileage have become fan councilors.

≪Rules of the consultation event≫
※ The consultation event is a talk event where one member of S/mileage will listen to your worries and try her best to help you solve them.
※ Each member of S/mileage has a separate, private booth. Each six members will be doing their events simultaneously.
※ The approximate time limit for your consultation is one minute.
※ Previous to the event, you must write your worry on a paper that the staff will check beforehand. If there is no problem with the content, each guest will go to the members’ booths in order. The members cannot answer to worries that are too “heavy.”
※ While each of the members will do their best to give you the best advice they possibly can, please understand that there is a possibility you may not be pleased with all of their advice. Please note that there is no money-back guarantee, or a possibility of a re-do.
※ The member of S/mileage assigned to you will be as printed on the “consultation event ticket.” It is not possible to change this to another member.
※ There is no handshake or any other physical contact with the members of S/mileage included at this event.


Add this promotion and their “Mad as Hell!” video this group is drawing my interest a little bit outside of the Idol underground groups.

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