BABYMETAL: Rain That Won`t Stop

BABYMETAL: Rain That Won`t Stop

babymetal piano

With every passing day BABYMETAL continues to grow internationally and with every article on heavy metal sites the same minority of anti-fans waste time with pointless arguments supported by their next to nothing knowledge of the group ,their producers ,songwriters , musicians histories in Japanese heavy metal music. It`s just the way music is, the more you do something right, the more critics good or bad you create. It`s only when they stop writing or talking about you, should you start to worry.

I don`t get caught up in these pointless debates, because I don`t really care what antis of anything be it music, sports or life in general have to say, it’s a waste of time when as being a second generation musician [thank you Dad for teaching me music and it`s beauty as a job], there is just so much beauty in music and new ideas to explore, so why waste it on opinions that won`t change.

Besides Japanese music and Idol metal and the music involved is rooted in Japanese trends, culture and values, so if it`s different then say an Iron Maiden song, well yeah that`s the point.

In finding beauty in music, due to the limited time and logistics Western fans of BABYMETAL miss out on many things that take place here in a major Japanese BABYMETAL concert.
One of them being YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL playing a crystal piano while SUMETAL sings a beautiful song.

babymetal legend 2

It is hard to say if there is another song in their set that expresses the beauty that is in BABYMEAL`s music then the song below .


Please enjoy

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