S/mileage Is Mad as Hell!!! At?

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S/mileage Is Mad as Hell!!! At

Our focus at Pure Idol Heart is on underground/lesser known Idols , however when a superstar group such as S/mileage releases a video were they are mad as hell , you just can`t pass up not airing “dirty” laundry .

Brace yourselves as S/mileage has a hot microphone and are broadcasting!

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To understand this video, the following description was posted on a Hello!Project International fan site.

Post #7945 it explains the video
So using their description this is what the members are mad as hell about
[Re-print of Original text posted at #7945 at link above .No changes or corrections were made to their descriptions by PIH]


-Dawa wrote Harunan a huge post on her blog for her birthday, Meimi only got one line

-Fukuda makes the staff and the other members irritated by only being in the Berryz dressing room at H!P concerts

-The former Eggs always talk about how hard they had it and all these different people they had to deal with, but these two came in fresh and it was even harder

-When they were doing their makeup for a photo shoot, MM came to visit and their makeup was perfect, professionally done, but S/mileage had to do their own

-Riho has gotten 3 PBs, Mizuki 2, Kudo 1, and Ayumi and Karin debuted after them but have already received 3 between them while S/m 2nd gen has gotten none


-Take is probably legitimately mad at Kana being friends with the baseball player Uehara because she’s actually a fan and Kana is not (and Rina making fun of her own lack of energy) and she was going to go on but got cut off

-Meimi’s hair hits Take in the face when they’re dancing, Rina makes fun of her yaeba

-Dawa took a picture with Duu looking super happy, but she only ever makes weird faces with the S/m members, Fukuda was told to drop Cinderella so they thought it would be over, but now it’s “Maro,” “MARO” (that’s when she loses it)

-Everyone is praising MM for their commercials, but they’ve appeared in commercials, too. They worked very hard in full-body tights. Take says that the ginger ring was tasty and Rina says “Nobody bought it.”


-Meimi is always going on about what she shouldn’t eat for the sake of her throat, but the other day she ate two bento and two pizzas, why isn’t she worried about getting fat

-In H!P senpai pick bento first, but when someone picks the one Kana wanted, she says, “Oh, I don’t want any”

-Take always fixes her makeup with her own saliva, isn’t her family shocked

-Rina’s dancing isn’t her own style, it’s just lazy

-AND THE CAKE (2ch noticed this too), obviously they forgot about S/m; Dawa says no one in S/m ate that cake (except…)

Translations of wota comments from 2ch on the video