Possible Member of BABYMETAL Goes to Hospital [Updated]

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Possible Member of BABYMETAL Rushed to Hospital

First let me be as clear as possible, the following information has not yet been confirmed by anyone in the official camp of BABYMETAL. It is something that we have been monitoring for some time now.

At the end of the Los Angeles live an ambulance was seen pulling up to an exit point of the Fonda Theatre. According to those around the area leaving the concert, one member of BABYMETAL was placed into the ambulance under tight security, while the other two entered a van.

There have been mentions of the said member, however as this is not confirmed by anyone official representing BABYMETAL, it would be disrespectful to mention her name.

When taken into consideration that the Kami Band are tweeting normal thank you tweets , the said rumor , could simply be nothing more than mistaken an concert goer of falling ill as the venue was reported to be warm inside. Kami Band would also not mention anything until after it was released , so their actions  do not confirm/deny anything.

While I am not comfortable posting rumors, this is in fact an event that took place be it a member of the group or fan was taken away ill, so it should be at least mentioned.

When/if anything more solid comes along we will update this story.

Just A bit of update
The story is that all the ladies of BABYMETAL had trouble with the heat in the venue especially MOA and she was taken for observation and treatment and is resting fine. All Members were checked to be safe. This is being reported by someone who is reported to be a staff at the venue event. No changes in tour is planned.

New Update

All the ladies of BABYMETAL are fine and went sightseeing, so whatever took place was viewed as minor [Photo from BABYMETAL`s Twitter]

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