Idol Metal Next Wave: NEXT SHOJO JIKEN


Idol Metal Next Wave: NEXT SHOJO JIKEN

Continuing our look at the next wave of Japanese Idol Metal groups that have started since BABYMETAL started. As with the first three posts each group we have mentioned to date have their own style .Some mix Idol Pop and Metal, while others are simply Idol Metal with no regards to Pop influences.

Next we have NEXT SHOJO JIKEN (NEXT少女事件)

NEXT SHOJO JIKEN is based on the concept of “Jiken” which is the Japanese word for “crime, incident” so the group is “Next Young Girls Incident”. NSJ features three girls that dress in black, go barefoot, and love to show their feelings by the free use of the middle finger and using FU.

Their live shows feature the girls taking toy plastic knives and stabbing members and fans. Running on and off stage into the crowd, rolling and flipping on stage. Making faces at fans during songs, back talking to fans and speaking at the same time when conducting show MCs.

NSJ made their debut in February of 2014 and have started to develop a solid cult following. Currently the group has limited video footage to show their craziness properly.



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