Idol Metal Next Wave: new Idol order

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Idol Metal Next Wave: new Idol order

As I mentioned in the first part of this series [link below], there is a growing Idol metal genre, each group has its own sound and ideas of how they should develop. There are still many unanswered questions in regards of these groups breaking out on the international stage and join BABYMETAL as what I like to call the “Next Wave of Idol Metal.”

In part one we took a look at the Idol metal groups FRUITPOCHETTE and Lolisyn, today in part two we take a look at the angels of Idol metal mayhem new Idol order.

new Idol order or nIo for short are a spinoff or sub-group if you wish of the pop Idol group Thumb Princess [おやゆびプリンセス] .nIo group members go by the names No.1, No.2, and No.3 and have taken the nu metal/hardcore punk band Maximum the Hormone and other bands songs and decided to make them as angry as possible. The group features two vocalists that use clean vocals, one that uses harsh vocals, fits of anger and mixes them into their own style of angry Idol metal.


No.1 trademark is her long overcoat and being the only member that stands still throughout the concert. She gives off this air of mystery about her. She seldom smiles unless she is slapping a fan at lives, a group tradition that fans can get tickets to either be slapped or have water spit on them.

NIO Member #2

No.2 trademark is her angelic face and her pink bunny, that No.1 cut up one day for fun. There are times in their lives when she is the groups angel, just don`t touch her bunny because she will suddenly scream and often playfully shoves fans who reach out at her.
No.2 playful charm comes out in the groups fan slap events, when she makes a fist and looks like she is going to punch the guy.


No.3 trademark is being the groups psycho Idol .She has a toy piano ,mood swings and a strong will to fight everything and everyone from camera`s to fans. She loves to run into the crowd barefooted and gives their lives an unpredictability and can`t miss feeling.
She is the group’s main harsh vocalist and main temper tantrum thrower.

If you like Idol metal and like a group to have a bit of an attitude, then add new Idol order to your list.


Includes Slap event at 8 minutes in



Thumb Princess

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