Idol Metal Next Wave: FRUITPOCHETTE and Lolisyn

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Idol Metal Next Wave: FRUITPOCHETTE and Lolisyn

Since the debut of BABYMETAL, Japan has seen a rise of Idol Metal groups debuting. While BABYMETAL holds true to the idea that they are the only Kawaii Metal group , a title another Idol metal group questions, the reality is that Idol metal is here and alive in various types of groups.

Starting in the late 70`s the heavy metal world saw British metal bands arrive on a large international wave called “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” .This wave came about at a time when punk rock was on the decline and the rise of new wave music .These bold new British metal bands arrived with toned down  blues influences of earlier acts, incorporated elements of punk, progressive rock and developed a tougher, harder sound of music. By the mid 80`s British metal bands came to dominate the metal scene.

While it`s early yet to say we are seeing the Idol version of “NWOBHM” impact on the world, we are seeing with the success of BABYMETAL what I like to call the “Next Wave Of Idol Metal .”
Starting today I will be presenting on Pure Idol Heart a look at this “NWOIM” who are developing a fan following across Japan by not following the BABYMETAL formula of Kawaii Metal.

Many of these groups have no interest in Kawaii Metal or mixing Pop with metal, they are simply Idol metal groups, determined in creating a new and exciting sub-genre of both Idol and heavy metal music.

Will these groups break out like BABYMETAL or will they  rest safely in knowing they can stay in Japan ,be accepted without question by a metal community willing to accept creativity with no limits. These are questions that only time will answer, but for today here is a starting look at the “Next Wave of Idol Metal.”



FRUITPOCHETTE made their debut in 2012 under the name FruPoche, before changing their name in summer 2013 to FRUITPOCHETTE.
The group is a duo consisting of Teratani Mina and Azumi Shiori; both are currently 19 years old. FRUITPOCHETTE was the first of these new Idol metal groups to come out of the box as a pure metal group; they were not mixing j-pop cuteness and metal. These girls were determined to be as they called it “an Idol group singing songs harder than nails.”
With their more traditional metal feel to their songs FRUITPOCHETTE has spent much of this year touring with heavy metal bands and the one off Idol festival live and I believe are the most ready to have an international breakout if the desire is there by their label.





Sound Check performance



new Lolisynlolisyn hirololisyn halu

Lolisyn is short for Lolita Syndrome and of the next wave of Idol metal groups they have had the greatest change as currently this is version 2.0 as the original duo have left and the group recently had a death and rebirth celebration with current members Halu and Hiro getting out their best Gothic funeral wear to hold a mock funeral for original members Rina and Natsumi under the title “Lolisyn is Dead”.

Halu and Hiro bring a much edgier sound to Lolisyn complete with a mix of clean and harsh vocals and assorted costumes ranging from leather miniskirt dresses ,gothic gowns to currently replica World War II German Panzer tank commander hats, jackets and matching short pants.

Lolisyn and FRUITPOCHETTE are two groups that if you dropped the term Idol and the dance moves and add a live band would be simply a double vocal metal band as they feel less Idol like when seeing them live.

The one drawback with the future success of Lolisyn is the way it is marketed, when Rina and Natsumi left every video was removed from You Tube and other media sites and while Halu and Hiro have been members for months performing live, they only now have started to put up videos.


They mix more of Idol style in this song


In the coming days we will take a look at more groups in this new wave of Idol metal

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