BABYMETAL World Tour Arrives in Cologne,Germany


BABYMETAL World Tour Arrives in Cologne,  Germany

On July 1st ,2014 BABYMETAL launched their first world tour ,starting with a European leg featuring headline shows in several countries and a main stage stop at the famed UK Music festival Sonisphere.

Following these dates BABYMETAL will head to North America for a headline show in Los Angeles, performing at the Heavy Montreal heavy metal festival and supporting dates on Lady Gaga`s tour.

Currently the tour is scheduled to end later this year back home here in Japan with appearances at major rock festivals.

On July 3rd BABYMETAL stopped in Cologne, Germany the second stop on their world tour 2014. The event was also a celebration of MOAMETAL`s 15th birthday.
Currently a limited number of videos have started to surface from the event in Cologne titled “LEGEND”M” MOAMETAL’s 15th birthday celebration!!”
In the concert stop in Cologne MOAMETAL took lead for the group’s song Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!


I have been looking at some fan reviews for BABYMETAL in Cologne, there was fans from Germany, Netherlands, Italy and several other European nationals. There were girls and guys from Japan, girls from the BM International fan club in Singapore to name a few. Japanese girls also walked around asking fans at the concert to write messages for BABYMETAL to give to them .

Footage from Cologne, Germany

MOAMETAL version of Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!

[We will update the videos as more are released]




July 1st BABYMETAL started their European Leg of their world tour in Paris, France

Videos and article can be read here
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Idol Metal and Idol Rock is currently the fastest growing sub-genre of Japanese Idol music. There are dozens of these groups active in Japan, with many more making debuts each month.
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