BABYMETAL Maina Hits Sonisphere

Babymetal blood moon

BABYMETAL Maina Hits Sonisphere

There are dates that go down in history that historians will never forget, for BABYMETAL July 5th, 2014 will be the date that they will remember, for that is the date this Idol metal group hit the shores of Great Britain and the Sonisphere festival.

From the moment they were announced to be appearing there were cries from what is now clearly the little in numbers that this group was anything but metal and overstepping their rights by playing in the big leagues of heavy metal.

There was even some talk among us in the Idol metal genre, could this really go the distance.
A short time ago BABYMETAL walked off the main stage of Sonisphere  as concurring heroes.

baby metal sonis3baby sonis 4

They had proven that they belonged in this genre .They had drawn a large crowd, had fans in various heavy metal band shirts performing a wall of death.

baby metal sonis2                                    [posted by Cduff7913 on instagram]


A quick look around twitter the moment their live set ended, showed that BABYMETAL had earned more converts to their mission, respect from various heavy metal media outlets ,other Heavy Metal Bands.

BABYMETAL  and the band AnthraxBABYMETAL  and the band Anthrax 2babymetal and slayer

babymetal sonisphere 3                                  [BABYMETAL With Chino Moreno of Deftones and Joey            Balladonna singer for the metal band Anthrax]
Most of all BABYMETAL simply had a goodtime and do what they do best, put on a great Idol metal concert.
With this success come more questions left to be answered for the dozens of other Idol metal groups yet to taste this success as to the future of this new sub-genre of Idol.

For now BABYMETAL is leading the charge and leaving those who attended their concert today simply saying on twitter, Instagram and other social media sites the following.

“BABYMETAL, the single most enjoyable thing at Sonisphere so far. I`ve never seen so many people smiling so much at a metal festival”

“This was the most metal experience of my life” [comments posted on Instagram]

babymetal comment
Wall of Death

The folks at Rock sound have 21 photos of today`s BABYMETAL UK debut

Update 1
TeamRock interview with BABYMETAL

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4

Update 5

Update 6

[More updates to come]
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