BABYMETAL at the London Forum


BABYMETAL at the London Forum

BABYMETAL fresh off a highly successful performance at the Sonisphere Festival, resumed their headline tour of Europe a few hours ago with a live show at the London Forum.

Just like at Sonisphere the stars of the heavy metal world took time to check out what BABYMETAL is offering as Herman Li of Dragon Force and Yoshiki of X-Japan was in attendance to name a few. As with their other stops the crowd was a mix of full on heavy metal fans and Idol fans and the band and the crowd had an awesome evening together.

There are some that believe that both BABYMETAL and Idol metal are here today, gone tomorrow fads. I don`t subscribe to those beliefs, just looking at the genre through  my own metal musician eyes. However that is a topic for a different day as today it is about BABYMETAL`s European march.
BABYMETAL before their live today managed to visit the legendary Abbey Road Studios

BABYMETAL at Abbey Road babymetal signs wall at abbey road

Below is a video look at the evening in London, songs are not in set list order
Full songs
Akumo No Rondo


4 no Uta




Gimme Choko


Onedari Daisakusen

Uki Uki midnight/Kami Band solo


Catch me if you can

Doki Doki Morning


Wall of Death

Metal Hammer talks to fans

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Press Audio Talk about the group


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