BABYMETAL at Sonisphere Video Compilation and More

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BABYMETAL at Sonisphere Video Compilation and More

When BABYMETAL was at Sonisphere the other day, no one not even the group knew what to expect .It is safe to say the vast majority of the crowd in attendance had only a passing knowledge of group and not experienced their developments over the past few years.

Every report coming out of the event said that the crowd enjoyed the group, there was multiple pits made in the crowd .Those that knew the group sang along with them and those exposed to them for the first time came away enjoying the live show.

Various heavy metal bands took photos with the girls, including bands their fans would never think would accept the group. You see the music industry doesn`t work that way for the most part there is a genuine respect between bands performing and many are fans of each other.

BABYMETAL  and the band Anthrax 2                                   BABYMETAL x Heavy Metal Band Anthrax

With BABYMETAL having what can be called a successful Sonisphere debut here is a look back at the day through videos. SUMETAL continues to grow as a metal front woman, if the day ever comes that BABYMETAL ends, I hope she goes on to front a melodic or symphonic metal band.

Su: Make some noise!
Moa: I can’t hear you!
Yui: Louder, louder!

[Includes crowd chat for one more song]

Wall of Death

Some first time viewer’s comments

There may be some of you reading this and thinking to yourself, “I like the group, just wish there was no dancing.” Maybe you’re even saying “there is no dancing in metal”. Well this hopefully will make you feel better, you see in Japanese music many styles are often mixed together to create new sub-genres.

There are Japanese metal bands that are not Idols or have anything to do with pop music that do have dancers.  If you like everything about BABYMETAL, this band also works to settle dance arguments in heavy metal.

Here is one such metal band that has dancers



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