BABYMETAL at Sonisphere Full

baby sonisphere


BABYMETAL at Sonisphere Full

Going back to our coverage of BABYMETAL`s tour of Europe, we have the full concert by BABYMETAL at Sonisphere.
Festival crowds have had a history of being difficult to groups that they dislike , however as you can see from the video the estimated crowd by Sonisphere officials of 75,000 enjoyed and got into the BABYMETAL experience.
It`s still funny to me seeing fans in Iron Maiden shirts making pits and getting into BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL has clearly shown that they can lead this new Idol metal genre and as we have been showing you over the past few days ,there are many more Idol metal groups ,while not following the lead of BABYMETAL , they are defiantly alive and kicking and ready to bring about change in the Idol and metal genre.

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