BABYMETAL and Other Idol Metal Groups on the March

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BABYMETAL and Other Idol Metal Groups on the March

If you have been on any social media then you know that BABYMETAL continues to make waves be it fans of the group or those simply wanting to see what this group is all about.

With each stop the group picks up new respect be it from first time viewers or heavy metal bands.

BABYMETAL  and the band Anthrax 2Heavy Metal Band Anthrax + BABYMETAL

babymetal sonisphere 4with Billy Sheehan from The Winery Dogs,Mr.Big

BABYMETAL`s tour stop at Sonisphere was just one more step in the group picking up interest

When a crowd responds at the end with one more song, you have made an impression on your crowd

When a crowd does the wall of death at your show, they find your music to be cool

It is not only festival crowds that have taken an interest in the group, their current headline shows of Europe are at sold out or near sold out levels and the energy is as strong as any veteran touring heavy metal band.

A quick look around social media shows that outside the small minority of hater stuff that is common for any band the vast majority support what BABYMETAL are trying to accomplish.
One of the best comments that I have seen on social media was from a hardcore metal fan that went to their live in Germany. When you have hardcore metal fans creating a pit at a Kawaii metal bands live you’re doing something right.

While BABYMETAL seems to currently be on a roll like a storm marching across the countryside, what about the other Idol metal groups back here in Japan that have yet to taste the same international success. Groups such as FRUITPOCHETTE, new Idol order, NECRONOMIDOL, NEXT SHOJO JIKEN, and the dozens more Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock groups.



new Idol order

nio group




next shojo

Each one carries a different flag of metal and style they are trying to develop independent of what BABYMETAL is offering. While the march to success is different for all the Idol metal groups, on the march they certainly are.

The genre is growing quickly; will the other groups grow to the level of success as BABYMETAL? or will the entire genre after the newness wears off slide comfortably into a Visual Kei type situation with bands coming and going ,yet the genre survives with its core fan base.
Regardless of these unknown answers, Idol metal has given Idol genre a needed freshness and a kick in the pants. It is interesting to see what the current dozen Idol metal or their Idol hard rock sisters have to offer. It is also exciting to see what the new Idol metal groups just debuting, such as my own Idol metal group will bring to the genre.

Music and the world is always changing ,in a 100 years from now what is considered heavy metal , may look nothing like what we grew up on and that may not be a bad thing.

Idol metal groups be it Kawaii, new-Idol metal or dark synth Idol metal are taking the great jump into the unknown ,like any other heavy metal band and creating their own paths and laying the foundations for maybe the start of a march to a new heavy metal sub-genre.

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