Alice Project Idol Receives Gift with Hidden GPS Unit.

ARMOR GIRLS itou miu

Alice Project Idol Receives Gift with Hidden GPS Unit.

Originally when this story broke it was reported as being related to Alice Juban and given how the group’s leader had recently faced her own stalking event [linked below], the media ran with the story.

Alice Project a Idol company featuring groups such as Alice Juban, Steamgirls, OZ, Armor Girls, and more regularly receive gifts at their theatre and at fan events.

Normally these gifts are harmless keepsakes for the Idol or birthday related gifts.

On July 20 it was first reported that it was Alice Juban members involved in the event , however it was Itoh Miu of the group Armor Girls that was given a stuffed  gift ,containing a hidden GPS that could tell the gift giver the location of her home ,should it had gone unnoticed.

Miu is by far one of the sweetest Idols and like all Idols looks forward to receiving fan gifts.

ARMOR itou miu

I really use to dislike having to mention tabloid Idol dating scandals, however I`d welcome that if stories like these would end.

Earlier this year Armor Girls sister unit Alice Juban`s leader Tachibana Anna had a stalker arrested after months of graphic threats to the Idol.
Anna`s stalking case background