WE MUST BE UNITED AS ONE! :Idols Unite to Create Their Own Fan Funded Group

Apple Buster

Recently Murayama Shihori a former member of GALLETe and a couple of other Idols that had previously been in Shooting Star Girls, QunQun, PEAKL got together to create a new Idol group known as AppleBuster.

Shihori compares  AppleBuster to professional wrestling “Cute Idol at their best entertainment can entertain people like Pro Wrestling, not just is good at being Idol!”.

At first this statement makes you wonder if AppleBuster will be breaking out their best hip tosses ,power slams or moonsaults off the stage. However she is referring to the entertainment and unity factor that wrestling organizations and their fans have ,along with the traditional promotional slogans.

In following this trend Shihori has created a slogan for their group   “WE MUST BE UNITED AS ONE!” An Idol will aim to be an entertainer!

Shihori along with her two partners had before  coming together had reached the point of almost giving up their dreams.

Thankfully for them ,they did not give up and in May they took to Nico Nico for weekly broadcasts, created a plan to start holding lives by the end of July. The group plans to be an traveling Idol group not only wanting to perform in live houses , but as well as kindergartens ,elderly centers and any place they can set up and perform.

Facing a difficult task of running a group by themselves ,funding is always on top of the list and Shihori decided to turn to fan funding and created a challenge to collect  300,000 yen in startup money to create an original single. The single along with the group`s theme will be “I want to support  your fight alone!”.

Shihori has come up with a number of awards for donating various sums of money , including autograph thank you cards, handshake ticket, T-Shirt, tea party with the group, dinner party with the group.

While those gifts may seem small when compared to what other groups could offer ,Shihori is starting this project without any agency support ,making her task harder yet more meaningful when success is reached.

Faced with being Idols without agency support is difficult enough ,Shihori also discovered that right after startup ,that there is no such thing as honor among Idol companies and her front girl was quickly taken by an Idol company ,crippling her group at start up.

However knowing that Shihori has been in a few  Idol groups already ,this journeyman Idol has plenty of Idols on her cellphone to turn to.