Splash Revolution – HR’s First Subunit’s First Single

One of my favorite idol groups right now is definitely HR, a local group to Fukuoka. This year has been a big year for them, with their fourth single, “Evolution Da,” making it to #6 on the Oricon charts. However, the group is now achieving something; their subgroup, Splash Revolution, is releasing their debut single “Me Ippai Hashaija Yeah!!!”

The subgroup, composed of 2nd generation members Kobayashi Mayu, Kunimoto Marina and 5th generation member Yasuda Rei has actually been around since last summer. In fact, they have already appeared on a single, performing the B-Side for one of the versions of “Evolution Da.” However, this is their first single. It speaks to the strength of the group as a whole that they have decided to put out this single, so I’m excited to see where they go from here.

The subgroup has my favorite member and center of HR, Kobayashi Mayu, so I’m especially excited for this unit. Their debut single is a fun, upbeat summer themed song and that’s also shown in the PV.

This single is being released on June 25, so everyone should check it out!

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