SetaDoll:The Brave Heart of Idols

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In the world of professional music, technical issues happen from time to time. Sometimes these issues leave you wanting to throw something at the tech in charge. I have witnessed that happening more than once in fact.

For an Idol group, this is not possible to do and other actions must be done.

Take SetaDoll for example a new Idol unit that currently only has two wireless microphones to share between all their members.
Each live these Idols face the difficult task of building a fan following and they do it with smiles on their faces.

Recently this Idol group held a live that started off with great difficulties as their music track CD stop playing several times. Wanting an answer for this mystery we went right to SetaDoll member Sachie who said “The sun broke the CD”. I learned a longtime ago an Idol is always right, so Sachie`s reasoning is good enough for me.

However the story goes much deeper than a CD stopping, it’s the story of overcoming by five Idols and leader Nao.

A group is only as strong as it`s leader and Nao could have easily collapsed in disappointment and with it the group, Instead she laughed and smiled and without making a fuss, gently pointed to members to continue on.

After five minutes of difficulties and laughing by the group, Nao collected the group together and they started over with the problems corrected.

Nao is the type of leader that her confidence and stage presence expresses leadership and security that everything will be fine if we do our best this day.

That is exactly what SetaDoll did with difficulties settled they performed as I expected, a wonderful growing brave hearted Idol group full of smiles and happiness.

SetaDoll is still an Idol group that is very much in its growing phase. The members are learning to be Idols, dealing with mistakes and difficulties. You won`t see this group stage diving ,shooting water guns at fans or other things that more experienced Idol groups do.

You will see a group that does their best, improves with each live and leaves you feeling happy that you saw their live.
As leader Nao told me the group only owns two wireless microphones, so they have worked in handoffs into their routines.

Please watch the handoffs and overcoming technical issues by these fresh Idols.

Note-Leader Nao asked that I show everyone that reads Pure Idol Heart these concerts, so by watching these you’re making her and the group happy and who knows, you may just like their concert and find a new group to like.

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[Hina on left with leader Nao]

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