Resistance: Idols You Can`t Resist

resistance 2

One of the great things about Japanese Idol  music genre is discovering new groups and presenting them to others around the world that may never have a chance to know them.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to discover and talk to a wonderful group known as Resistance. From the second I started watching their videos, I knew that I was watching a very special group.
This was confirmed more from my conversations with the members. One member Yuuri even went so far as to put Pure Idol Heart before herself and asked if it would be alright if she could talk to me in English. I was happy that this little detail was important to such a busy Idol.So we stopped our Japanese chat and went to English .

When ask why she wanted to chat in English Yuuri said because she read our profile on Twitter in English and felt it would be better.

yuuri english 2

So Yuuri and I had a nice English conversation and she hopes that her manager will let her do an Interview with us in the future.

Yuuri goes to an International High School and is to me one of the cutest Idols active today, for a number of reasons.

In the videos below you will identify her by her member color pink and to me she is simply charming in every way.

Yuuri is not the only member that is charming, she is just one of a group full of charming members, that you simply cannot resist wanting to know and root for.

yuuri of resistance resistance yuuri
Along with Yuuri Resistance consists of the following members

Akari will be in yellow in the videos below. Akari reinforces the thought that Resistance is a group were every member has stunning beauty.

resistance akari akari resistance

Mizuki is in blue in the videos below and has an angelic face.
Mizuki is said to be the group rap specialist

resistance mizuki resistance mizuki2

Ayaka is in green in the videos below .One of the first things that I noticed from her photos is if you look at her eyes, you drift into them and for a moment time stands still.

resistance Ayaka 2 resistance Ayaka

Shiori is in Red in the videos below. Every group needs a princess member and she is my choice for princess member of Resistance.

resistance shiori2 resistance shiori

The group mentions on their twitters that they are a “sexy” Idol group. They are that and more, they are a group full of charm, talent and easy on the eyes stunning beauty. Coming from a Heavy Metal musicians background the selfishness in me would love to see this group go full Heavy Metal Idol group.

While that`s not going to happen, I can smile when I  honestly say that I love everything about the group Resistance, from the growing friendships of the members, to the groups concept, videos and charm.

With that I can say that Resistance are “Idols You Can`t Resist”

Yuuri told me that at this time she does not know if they will be making a traditional music video or what the overall plan going forward for the group is.

So for now here are some dance/vocal videos from Resistance.

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