Miniature Garden: Introduction to Shining Idols

min garden

Not long ago we put up the music video for this group on our official Facebook and the views were very good, so I wanted to show the rest of our readers these cute and shining Idols “Miniature Garden”.

Miniature Garden is filled with six of the sweetest Idols you could put together, having talked to them many times on tweeter before writing this, I know that they are sweet and wonderful Idols.

The members of Miniature Garden are

Riina, she has some of the cutest facial expressions and natural beauty

[This photo of her by the way is my favorite of her]

mg riina mg riina2

Sera, I like her bright smile, and a serious look that is 100% cuteness [可愛さレベル 100%]

mg sera mg sera

Kotona, she has natural beauty that jumps out at you when you first see her.
[This photo of her by the way is my favorite of her]

mg kotona mg kotona 2

Miyabi– Miyabi to me has doll like cuteness and a big cute smile

mg miyabi mg miyabi 2

Anzu-, Anzu is much like Sera as first look you see a bright and energetic smile

mg anzu mg anzu 2

Kanna-Kanna also has natural beauty that along with Riina and Kotona  you immediately notice.

[This photo of her by the way is my favorite of her]

mg kanna mg kanna

I try to select a 推しメン Oshimen from every group I like and write about. This has been really hard to do with Miniature Garden for a number of reasons.

Right now they all are my 推しメン with Kanna, Kotona and Riina as 推しメン 1A and Sera, Miyabi and Anzu 推しメン 1B. For me when it is hard to pick and 推しメン, it means that I see something special in the group.

I understand that our readers reading this now maybe thinking hey, you don`t cheerlead this much for groups. Well I hope through the videos you will see why they have that specialness that you look for in new Idol groups ,that has me excited to show you this group.

While Miniature Garden has cuteness, charm and kindness that you expect from Idols, they are also wonderful performers.

Our main reason for writing articles on Pure Idol Heart is to show International Idol fans, many wonderful hidden gems and help the groups grow fans around the world.

Miniature Garden is one group that deserves the time it takes for you to get to know and support.

Miniature Garden Shining new Idols that you don`t want to let pass you by.