SetaDoll Members Say Thank You to Pure Idol Heart

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Yesterday I wrote about a fairly new Idol group SetaDoll and thanks to our readers and the members of SetaDoll as of writing this that article is the most popular on Pure Idol Heart.

Being a second generation musician, I learned a longtime ago from my father and elders that the little things matter and will help shape your career.

It can be anything really, from an tip to make you a better songwriter, musician or your performance better or simply a kind word of support.

After I wrote about SetaDoll, I sent each member a copy of the article link, so they could keep it and went about my day. It was just one of those little things that mattered to them and over the evening the members sent in comments to express their happiness and thanks for writing about them.

SetaDoll Comments about the following article

SetaDoll Leader Nao was first to comment

nao thank you
SetaDoll Hina was next

hina thank you
SetaDoll Kana

Kana thank you

Megutan and Sachie followed the first three and expressed their happiness.
Megutan gave thanks for writing the articles and said that she was happy

Sachie, apologized for being late, but it was alright in fact, I thought I had forgot to send it to her.Sachie then went on to say thank you and express her happiness.
SetaDoll Megutan

megutan thank you
SetaDoll Sachie
Sachie thank youAnd the readers of Pure Idol Heart around the world responded and made SetaDoll the top popular story on Pure Idol Heart.

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