SetaDoll: Big Idol Dreams

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Sometimes it would be easier for Pure Idol Heart if we wrote in Japanese ,yet if we did that many people around the world wouldn`t learn about all the really good ,hardworking lesser known groups.
One such group is SetaDoll.

SetaDoll is a fairly new Idol group located in Setagaya, Tokyo that features five sweet Idols that are no different than any other Idol at this level; they have “Big Idol Dreams”.

SetaDoll is still really new to me and in the short time of knowing the group it has been a pleasure.

The members are really kind and sweet and are nice to talk to.  Members Nao [なおちん],Megu [megutan] ,Sachie [幸千恵(さちえ) and Kana  took the time to send warm greetings ,filled with cute symbols such as candy, bunnies, hearts ,invites to see them live and encouragement to support all members.

As an new Idol group Setadoll members are energetic and deal with any difficulties with an Idol`s smile and determination.

Leader Nao [なおちん] is the perfect example of what an Idol leader should be, she carefully looks after her group; while thankful for her fan support she encourages fans to support all the members equally.

In the limited time of knowing Setadoll, I have seen a group that is talented, determined, easy to like and living big idol dreams.

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The members use their twitters more often then blog or Facebook it seems


Updated :SetaDoll members say thank you to Pure Idol Heart


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