new Idol order: Masters of Idol Metal Mayhem

nio group

new Idol order ,the wonderful Japanese Idol Metal group that we often write about is back once again. I have titled this “Masters of Idol Metal Mayhem” because that is what nIo is ,from top to bottom this is an Idol group unlike any other Idol group.
Now you may be saying to yourself “hey BABYMETAL” is pretty much mayhem with their musical mix, that is true. The difference is one is Kawaii Metal and nIo is lock them up in a padded room full on crazy Idol mayhem.

That is what makes new Idol order a wonderful Idol metal group, they are not trying to mix Idol Pop with Heavy Metal, instead they bring the  Metal.
When you attend a  new Idol order live the first thing is to expect a group that is dedicated to their characters and a live that is different each time.

The group uses numbers as names and each one has a style unmatched by other groups.

Number #1 is the most normal of the group ,with her long overcoat and motionless style. At first look she gives the impression of not wanting to be there ,however she is the melody within the mayhem.


Number #2 is 100% cuteness ,with an angels face  and her stitched up pink bunny [Number #1 cut it up one day for fun] , Number #2 is a mix of darkness and light ,switching from angelic Idol to moments of anger and haunting screams.

nio2chan NIO Member #2

Number #3 is the psycho of the group. The barefoot Idol is uncontrollable and she likes it that way. This Idol of mood swings ,split personalities can jump from one moment being sweet, to fighting the cameraman, fan, running through the crowd ,falling on the stage screaming her lungs out or simply wanting to play her toy piano.

nio3chan 2 nio3c
If you’re going to an new Idol order show expecting to see Kawaii dances to Heavy Metal songs , you can forget that ,as nIo doesn`t dance this is an Heavy Metal type experience ,with head banging ,jumping and running around.

Of the nIo lives I have seen to date ,each one is special ,they leave a lasting memory and show that the group is getting better with each live.

Instead of me trying to explain their specialness ,It is better that you see for yourself.

I know there is some that every time they see an Idol Metal group ,such as BABYMETAL ,Death Rabbits and new  Idol order say that these and other Idol metal groups are not “true”, “pure “ metal. Having a father that was a musician ,and following in his footsteps ,i understand by growing up in Heavy Metal the notions of “true”, “pure “ metal. Idol Metal is not or will it ever be about being “true”, “pure “ metal ,it`s about bringing a different sub-culture to Japanese Idol Pop groups, giving those sub-cultures that feel no place in the sugar and sweet traditional Idol group culture a group to follow.

new  Idol order and other Idol metal groups are to Idol Genre ,what  the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) was to Heavy Metal a movement of change.
new  Idol order and other Idol metal groups are changing Idol Genre for the better ,exposing their brand of music to fans who may not like more Pop sounding groups.
new  Idol order is one group ,you don`t want to miss out on.

Oh yeah before ending ,the members of  new  Idol order when they want to be can be as Idol as any other Japanese Idol.  [See if you can find them here]

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