Giselle4: Strong Beauty


Giselle4 is a EDM and R&B dance/vocal group that consists of four charming young ladies. The group members studied at the same Osaka dance school before coming together in 2013 as Giselle4.

Giselle4 is structured more along the lines of a traditional pop group, then the Idol groups that you are used to reading about here on Pure Idol Heart.
Mami and Saki provide the group with rapping, vocals and chorus parts, while Miyu and Seri provide vocals and chorus parts.
In August of 2013 the group released their first single “GO BACK” which included the tracks GO BACK, MORE and ALL MY LOVE. Personally I felt the auto-tune was unneeded for this release as I will show later, this unit sings wonderful.

This release was followed up by their first Indies Mini-Album. This album featured new tracks along with album versions of ALL MY LOVE and GO BACK. The single off this album is titled SAYONARA SAYONARA and shows what talented singers Giselle4 are.

On May 14th the group will release their 2nd Indies single “STEPPIN`BACK”

SAYONARA SAYONARA / Giselle4(ジゼル4)

Many music and dance videos can be found on their You Tube Channel