Video Spotlight: MIKA☆RIKA – Funky OL ~Shigoto Shitaku nai yo~

MIKA☆RIKA is a unit formed in the end of 2012 as a hip hop unit. They are produced by the hip hop artist/producer Romantic Production, under the label Second Factory.MIKA☆RIKA appears to be their only idol unit in place.

While the song is fun, the thing that catches my attention is the subject of the song; as someone who could be considered an OL, this appeals to me. In fact, ever since I started my recent full-time job, this has been my theme song. I also like that there are more and more idol/female hip hop groups out there, to add to the Rhymeberry and Lyrical School type groups!

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Local Idols are my thing. rev.from DVL and MMJ are my specialties.