It`s a new age in Japanese Idol genre ,In the past we had only cookie cutter moe Idol groups that followed the same patterns as Idols have done since the 60s,70s,80s. From the moe Idols grew the high energy Idols ,then it happened ,the darkness fell on the genre and  a new Idol was born.

From this darkness came Idol Metal groups such as BABYMETAL, nIo, Lolisyn ,FRUITPOCHETTE ,Death Rabbits and others debuting or set to debut this month.  Idols that are a bit Avant-garde such as BiS and BELLRING Shoujo Heart. Masked Idols and now the darkness has produced it`s next Idols of change  NEXT SHOJO JIKEN.

NEXT SHOJO JIKEN theme is “Next Young Girls Incident”

NSJ performances include fake assaults with toy knives ,making faces at fans ,creating mischief in the crowd, free use of the middle finger, MCs that defy the very logic of Idol MCs and anything else they wish to do that day such as falling down on stage.

NSJ was created in January and made their debut in February and defiantly will appeal to lovers of non-traditional Idols.

Oh did I mention that the group wears all black and performs in bare feet and are 100% attitude. Like many of the new dark Idols the vocal work is not the center point  as traditional highly commercialized Idols, yet  that is the beauty of this branch of the genre ,it`s designed that way as the theatrics of the genre is what makes them stand out.

NSJ is Shuri, Nono, Mai  and they are coming with bad attitudes ,toy knives and middle fingers flying.

If you’re a traditional Idol I would not turn your backs when  NSJ is around


Shuri –
Nono –
Mai –