new Idol order: Angry Metal Idols

nio new idol order

It`s been a while since number 1, 2 and 3 have appeared on our site and their return is welcomed.

nIo since their absence from PIH have grown a lot into their gimmicks, they still choose to sing differently than when they were traditional Idols, trading their vocal beauty for Idol insanity.

If this is your first time viewing nIo here is a rundown.

The member in the black coat is named number one, she is the angry vampire mastermind of the group .The member with the bunny is named number two .She has issues and needs her bunny at all times, however bunny is in bad shape as number one cut up the bunny and number two had to put poor bunny back together.

The third member name is number three, she is off her rocker .The story with her is that one and two hit her with a bat and from that time she has had split personality issues. When she has her chain around her neck she is the sweetest of Idols. When number two removes the chain she enters her dark world and there is no stopping the fit throwing, back talking, fan fighting Idol.

With each live this train of Idol chaos continues to improve their crazy  and angry Idols gimmick.

Just to show you that number three can do more then guttural vocals.

nIo invades Oyapuri live and number three sings her song

Part 2

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