Death Rabbits: Ultimate Kawaii Idol Metal

death rabbits

From the darkness has been born the cutest Idol Metal group Death Rabbits.
Death Rabbits is a special mix as whatever experience and weaknesses the Idols have at this stage is covered by having a respected musician of the Heavy Metal genre  Akira Death providing the vocal punch and the swat team costumed Heavy Metal assault this unit needs.

With Akira Death providing the Metal, and Yuzu [12], Emi [11] and Karin [13] providing the Idol elements the group have put together their own style of Idol Metal.

Currently Death Rabbits is promotion their 2nd single Koisuru Kisetsu / Season to love


First Release Live


Death Rabbits-“Metal? Rock? NO WAY we’re just doing JAPANESE DEATH POP”


Akira Death

Death Rabbits