Chubbiness: Birth of Marshmallow Idols

chubbinessIn a genre that defines the slimmer the Idol the better, it`s refreshing to see a group go against the norm of managers saying to Idols you’re getting “chubby drop some weight”. Welcome Chubbiness the “Marshmallow Idols”. So why the term “marshmallow”? Marshmallow girl is a term that Japanese women use to say one is not petite. As expected their size is drawing media interest, it is also their easy going nature that is earning the group strong remarks.

Chubbiness is the collective idea of fashion magazine CanCam and music giant Avex. From their developmental videos Chubbiness has the makings of being a well-liked; fan friendly Idol group bringing a new genre option for Idol hopefuls who feel their size may hold them back.

Have a look and see the newest Idol sub-genre and their bright cheerful smiles as they move towards debut.

Cheers to a long and happy career for Chubbiness