Idol battle! We are the DD Fes!

nagoya clears

One of the hardest things for me at times is to explain why readers should like a group or not. The reason for that is there is not really any simple reason why a reader should like group A, B or C as we all have our own reasons for liking a group. There are many reasons why I like a group or band from a business and musicians viewpoint, but at the end of the day what gets me is how well a band or group in a live environment is.
Seeing a group live is when I really get a feel for a group, the group doesn`t have to be the best group in the world , just entertain me ,make me feel like it was worth coming .  Sometimes the best lives can be found at some of the smallest venues, out of the way shoeboxes a town has to offer.
So instead of me telling you ABC why you should like the following groups for my reasons, I thought that the groups themselves can make their case with a concert performance.

Welcome this post theme “Idol battle! We are the DD Fes!”

First up is

Next is Kiloru

Last on the bill is
Nagoya Clears
While one live event may not win you over to a group, it can open the door to building a relationship with them. Giving a group a chance to win your heart over is all these groups  have ever asked of Idol fans ,so here is three out on a mission to win hearts ,if you`ll give them a fair chance.
And who knows you just may find something in them from this live to say,”I want so see another”.