Profile: GALETTe



Debut year: 2013
Number of Members: 5
Hometown/Region: Kitakyushu (in Fukuoka)
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: G

A few months ago Gaki wrote an Idol Focus post about GALETTe. This is a really good post, but this profile is meant to add on and expand to what he wrote earlier.

GALETTe is an indie idol supergroup. It’s taking idols who have been active before (all around the Kyushu area, so Fukuoka and Oita) and putting them into one group. From what I can tell it looks like they’re going to try and promote this in the future.


Komori Yui
Formerly a member of HKT48 and the indie group 10Color’s, she’s now in GALETTe. Note: She doesn’t appear on the first single.

Murayama Shihori


Shihori was in the group K-Next and then in the group Gossip Girls.



Nonoko was the ace of the local group Chimo.

Hosaka Ayano

Ayano was a soloist.

Shishima Saki


And Saki was a member of CQC’s.

Often idol groups aim to have fresh faces, lesser experienced idols. However, GALETTe is taking girls who all have their own experiences and putting them into one larger group that they’re promoting on a bigger level. The girls have a pretty high performance level as a result.

So far they’ve only put out one single, G. However, their second single, Jajauma to Yobanaide/Candy Pop, is coming out in early February. It’s exciting to see where these girls go next!

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